Consumers want safety. More than ever before. The greater the choice, the more factors such as reliability and sustainability play a decisive role in purchasing behaviour. The same applies to potential business partners who require independent proof of the quality and environmental performance of your company.

Company certifications are therefore recognised worldwide and generate diverse added value for your company. 

Quality pays off.

With a quality management system according to ISO 9001, customer focus and satisfaction can be demonstrably increased. Continual optimisation of your processes results in tangible cost savings and consistently high quality.

Being successful on a sustained basis.

An environmental management system according to ISO 14001 gives you an edge both environmentally and economically and reduces your liability risk. Certification allows your commitment to be projected successfully.

Directly to certification.

We guide you quickly and safely through the jungle that is certification. This is how you receive your certificate:

  1. Enquiry: You send us an enquiry. To create a detailed offer, simply complete our questionnaire.
  2. Quote: You receive a detailed quote on costs and time involved.
  3. Project discussion (optional): Does your company meet the basic requirements?
  4. Documentation review: This is carried out by Hohenstein auditors on-site.
  5. Certification audit: Our Hohenstein auditors are also on site for this.
  6. Audit report & issuance of a certificate: You are given a detailed audit report and the certificate.


The competitive advantages for you.

Increased efficiency
Cost savings
Confidence building
Easy adaptation to market developments
Continuous improvement of environmental performance
Efficient, cost-reducing use of resources
Minimisation of liability risks