Sweat Odor Management by Textiles – Beyond microbe control to odor adherence and release

Category: Webinar
Application area:Odour analysis
Date:17-Jan-2018 - 17-Jan-2018
Time / Details:noon EST (US)

Organiser:Hohenstein Institute America

Speaker: Dr. Timo Hammer, Hohenstein Group

Sweat odor has been one of the main challenges for sportswear, work wear, and outdoor fabrics for decades. However, the problem is still unsolved. Based on extensive research, we know that there are different levels of odor management.

This webinar guides you through the journey from microbe control to odor adherence to odor release.
1. Microbes: International standard tests on antimicrobial efficacy of materials are not effective against all microbes and need to be optimized.
2. Adherence: Once the odor is tightly attached to a fiber surface, it cannot reach the human nose and thus is not perceived.
3. Release: Modern test methods can quantitatively profile the odor’s intensity when released from material and can be used for product development.

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