The Hohenstein Academy for further education and training.

Since its foundation in 1946, research and teaching has been fundamental to Hohenstein. First and foremost, it serves to build on the wealth of knowledge and experience of our customers from the textile industry and its related industrial sectors worldwide as a basis for success on the market.

To supply you with the best possible learning opportunities, our primary motivators are the compatibility of your daily work with your continued education and your need to keep up with the latest developments while not losing focus on your existing business. We make you future-proof and ensure you are well prepared to meet any challenges posed by the market – as a contemporary training partner, a companion and an expert with experience of the industry.

Face-to-face training at Hohenstein and our locations worldwide.

Our Hohenstein Academy draws on a long tradition and has always been a place of learning, knowledge and knowledge transfer. Whether through lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars or numerous other training and further education events – the opportunities for theoretical and practical knowledge transfer are as varied as the many different fields of application themselves.


In addition, however, our Hohenstein Academy has created a completely new learning environment and is lighting the way towards alternative worlds of learning. Our Academy provides anyone with an interest with access to valuable content from all of Hohenstein’s areas of expertise, no matter when or where. At present, you can build on your knowledge of the following topics through formats such as webinars, webcasts and tutorials:

  • The basics of textiles

  • Comfort and performance

  • Clothing technology

  • Safety and sustainability

  • Washing and cleaning

  • Medicine and healthcare

Furthermore, our considered combination of digital content and face-to-face training (blended learning) lets us provide the most practical and efficient form of knowledge transfer possible (through module-based training courses, for instance).

Customer-specific training sessions.

Alongside our general basic and advanced training sessions, we also offer customer-specific seminars, workshops and webinars. Our experts can precisely tailor the content of the course to your individual requirements. The training sessions can be conducted both virtually, as e-learning content, or in person at your company or in our conference center rooms.