We believe in the fascinating possibilities of textile innovation for both people and the environment.

There is no product that we are in such close contact with day to day like we are with textiles. All the more important that they not only look good but also fit properly, function as intended and do not contain harmful substances. We guarantee this with textile testing, certifications, research and product labels such as OEKO-TEX®, the Hohenstein Quality Label and the UV STANDARD 801, as well as the transfer of our knowledge that we have built up over decades.

Benefit from our expertise:

  • Quick market launch for products due to efficient test processes
  • Increase in safety and quality of your products
  • Reduction in liability risk and number of complaints
  • Extensive expertise regarding the assessment of your products and processes within the framework of your product development and optimisation
  • Quick access to information through our active involvement in latest market trends

OEKO-TEX® - certifications and product labels for a sustainable future

With OEKO-TEX® as a full-service solution for greater sustainability along the textile value creation chain, you as a brand, retailer or manufacturer are always on the safe side.

Hohenstein Academy - our portfolio of basic and further training.

From classroom-based events to customer-specific training courses and seminars to flexible E-learning offerings - our Hohenstein Academy provides concentrated knowledge for day-to-day work.