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Whether you are interested in research projects or service offerings, here you will find press releases published by us regarding Hohenstein. Due to the support of various other institutions along the textile chain, we are also able to support you in your research work above and beyond this. Just contact us, we will also be happy to provide you with experienced interview partners and specialist authors dealing with your subject.

An innovative web application now enables independent, flexible, and digital fitting when selecting workwear. By using Sizekick's AI-based technology, which the start-up developed together with Hohenstein, the textile service provider Elis is offering its customers personalised size recommendations…
A new Hohenstein test method scientifically measures the support level of sports bras, a previously subjective claim. The new method, developed by the fit experts at Hohenstein, creates reproducible, independent results, without human influence. The neutral data will help bra manufacturers and…
The testing service provider and research partner Hohenstein is joining the Innovation Park for Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) in Heilbronn. We expect the connection to the IPAI AI network to provide us with valuable impulses to remain fit for the future
With the publication of its sustainability report for 2023, testing provider Hohenstein is providing greater transparency. The report details sustainability efforts at its Boennigheim headquarters and targets for 2024. Hohenstein has replaced previous environmental guidelines with strategic…
OEKO-TEX® new regulations 2024
Based on new scientific findings and legal developments, the OEKO-TEX® Association has published the annual updates to its test criteria, limit values and guidelines. With one exception, the new regulations will come into force on April 1, 2024, after the regular transition period.
In cooperation with testing provider Hohenstein, Under Armour is launching a new fiber-shed test kit. It will help textile companies along the supply chain to develop lower shed materials during product development. The companies carry out the test themselves in-house using the test kit or can…
The Munich-based startup Sizekick launches a new technology and attracts well-known brands and retailers to reduce size-related returns in e-commerce. With the apparel technology know-how of the strategic partner and investor Hohenstein and the AI-based technology of Sizekick, more sustainable…
The globally active testing service provider Hohenstein is currently looking back on three decades of accreditation. For the first time in spring 1993, one of its laboratories received official certification to test textile products competently, reliably and impartially according to internationally…
To ensure that our four-legged pets are looked after in terms of product safety, quality and durability of their cuddly blankets, cushions or favorite toys, the testing service provider Hohenstein has established its quality label Tested Pet Supplies.
Well protected for sure
Occupational Clothing / PPE
Since April 2023, the testing service provider Hohenstein has been testing and certifying in two new areas in the field of protective clothing: protective suits and gloves against chemicals and infectious agents. These are covered by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and are therefore personal protective…