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Textiles are predestined to provide effective UV protection because, if suitable materials and designs are used, they offer particularly high protection from intensive sun radiation.

Clothing and awning can achieve UV protection factors of 80 and thus exceed the maximum value offered by cosmetic sun protection products such as sunblock many times over.

You can count on it!

UV STANDARD 801, an independent label that shows the achieved ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) directly on the product, is reliable proof of the protective effect against UV radiation.

How successfully a textile article protects from harmful UV rays can neither be determined by a critical visual examination alone, nor by feeling the material. Realistic statements are only possible based on a standardised measuring process and specialized testing in the laboratory.

Compared to other international standards and test methods, the UV STANDARD 801 not only takes into account the new condition of a product, but also includes common conditions of use, such as moistening and stretching of the material when determining the UV protection factor.

In addition, the most unfavourable conditions (worst-case scenario) relating to the solar radiation and human skin type form the calculation basis for the determined UPFs.

Tough criteria – reliable protection!

The UV STANDARD 801 label indicates that textiles have been measured in accordance with the strictest specifications and that they offer conclusive UV protection factors. The following criteria apply for awarding the label:

  • Solar spectrum according to Australian/New Zealand Standard
    (Solar radiation on January 1st in Melbourne, at the peak of the Australian summer)
  • Assumption of the most sensitive human skin type
  • Testing of product in new condition
  • Also: Testing of the product after use.
    For clothing materials, e.g. stretching, wetting, abrading, washing/cleaning.
    For shading materials, e.g. stretching, wetting, artificial ageing/weathering.

The determined UPF is used as a multiplier for the intrinsic protection time of the skin and specifies how long a person can effectively stay in the sun wearing the textile without damaging the skin.

For UV STANDARD 801, there are the following UV protection factors (UPF): 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80.