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A matter of cleanliness: our expertise for efficient textile care.

Correct care of textiles is crucial for its long-term attractiveness, functionality and service life. For this reason, as an industrial laundry and textile rental company, you receive a wide range of services, tests and certifications from us to ensure your successful positioning in the market.

In the field of professional linen care, we work on behalf of the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services [Gütegemeinschaft sachgemäße Wäschepflege e. V.] and are responsible for quality assurance for more than 400 laundry companies with the RAL Quality Certification Mark. In doing this, we check the technical and hygienic processes on site. In addition, amongst other things, we test whether textiles, clothing and personal protective equipment can be prepared in industrial laundries and thus whether it is suitable for rental.

For household linen care we conduct comparative tests during which we check performance parameters of detergents and cleaning agents such as fabric conditioners, stain removers and laundry scents. The customers here are detergent or raw material manufacturers, retailers and consumer organisations. In particular, we offer support in the creation of claims through the targeted adaptation of test methods. The focus is on consumer- and practice-relevant test methods using naturally soiled domestic linen. Standardised test programmes based on the Ecolabel or AISE criteria are of course also possible.

We also research optimised operating processes, conduct ecological tests such as waste water investigations and give you expert tips for efficient hygiene management.

Industrial laundries

Product and quality assurance in industrial laundries & testing of rental suitability of textiles.

Domestic textile care

Comparative product tests for efficient and gentle domestic textile care.