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We test and eval­u­ate me­di­cal com­pres­sion tex­tiles for you.

As an authorized test center of the Quality Mark Association for Medical Compression Hosiery, we measure and evaluate the pressure of compression goods with the specially developed HOSYcan testing device. With this device, the pressure and pressure profile of compression textiles can be tested specifically and reliably according to RAL-GZ 387, parts 1 to 3 or DIN 58133 and evaluated according to the declared compression classes. Our expert opinions serve as a basis for recognition and reimbursement of costs by the statutory health insurance companies (keyword: "aid number").

Benefit from our profound, long-term know-how and offer your customers independent proof of the medical compression effect of your products!

What we test.

The pressure that textiles exert on certain parts of the body depends on the intended effect of the product.
The decisive factor here is that the pressure values defined according to RAL-GZ 387 and aimed for by the manufacturer unfold over the entire course of the textile worn.

    We test the following products for you:

    • Medical compression stockings for arms and legs and stocking systems
    • Bandages for ankles, knees, elbows and wrists
    • Clothing for scar compression, also for body/trunk

    How we test.

    Compression testing with our HOSYcan system is non-destructive and is always applied over the entire length of the test item. Arm and leg stockings, shirts and pants up to a total length of 100 cm and a circumference of 12 to 150 cm can be tested in almost any freely selectable form. In addition to the RAL-specific aspects, HOSYcan offers versatile evaluation and testing options, such as the determination of the compression effect in motion.

    All this - and much more!

    In addition to medical applications, we also test sportswear with a compressive effect and shapewear for you!