Event type:
Trade fair
Subject area:
Date of event:
10-27-2021 - 10-28-2021
Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
97232 Portland, OR
United States
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Join Hohenstein at Functional Fabric Fair Portland to gain insight on the latest in textile testing and performance, from comfort and compression to odor management and ecological impact.

See you at booth #816!


Hohenstein is an official education partner and will be presenting 3 sessions:

Transparent Lifecycle Analysis
A 2019 OEKO-TEX® pilot project developed methods for calculating the carbon and water footprint at each stage of a product's life. It also studied other LCA impact categories such as acidification, human health and ecosystem quality. The data will be integrated for suppliers this year and eventually on product labels for consumers . Join us to learn how we can leverage this data and lower our industry's impact.

Digitizing Materials for Realistic 3D Simulation
Accurate material parameters are often overlooked. Yet, it is vital to ensure that digital materials look and behave consistently, both with reality and between 3D platforms. Without a standard, this challenge is daunting. Learn about a new method to translate five tests into consistent visualization across systems.

Tools for Developing Your Brand’s Chemical Strategy
Developing a chemical strategy for a brand or retailer can be an intimidating process. Consumer safety, the environment and your reputation depend on your responsible engagement. We will discuss the scale of the challenge, where your risks are, how to prioritize them - and most of all - how to make progress. Before reinventing the wheel, tap into the many tools already well developed.

Casey Strauch
US Marketing Manager
Hohenstein Institute America