Stay relaxed with tested compression textiles.

The market for compression textiles is growing - not least in the area of medicine. 

As an authorised testing laboratory of the German Certification Association Medical Compression Hosiery e. V., Hohenstein measures the pressure of compression goods with the specially developed HOSYcan testing device. With this, the pressure intensity and the pressure profile of compression textiles can be checked specifically and reliably according to RAL-GZ 387, parts 1 and 2, or DIN 58133. Our reports serve as the basis for the recognition and reimbursement by the statutory health insurance.

Benefit from our in-depth know-how, based on many years of testing medical compression products and position yourself with your products as a provider of premium quality.

We check the pressure profile of a textile for certain body parts. This can be gradually decreasing, increasing or constant. The definition of the pressure profile by the manufacturer depends on the desired effect of the textile.

In general, we examine all compression textiles, like, for example:

  • Medical compression textiles and arm bandages with hosiery systems
  • Bandages for ankles, knees, elbows and wrists
  • Anti-thrombosis socks
  • Compression stockings
  • Travel socks
  • Sports socks
  • Sportswear with compression effects
  • Shapewear 

At the start of the 80’s, Hohenstein developed the HOSY testing device (Hohenstein system). The device consists of adjacent tensile testing equipment with a width of 5 cm, in which the textile to be tested is clamped and stretched non-destructively to the specified extent. The result - the pressure exerted by the textile over the entire length of the specimen - is shown in the form of a table and a graph.

With our advanced testing device HOSYcan (“can” stands for the CAN bus technology used as a communication system), we determine the pressure intensity and the pressure profile even more specifically and flexibly today. In addition, it is able to measure significantly larger body sizes than its predecessor. It offers improved evaluation options such as the measurement of the compression effect in motion. 

Perfect performance in compression - with our HOSYcan