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Simply fitting

Access our test subject pool of over 1,400 children, women and men. Whether toddlers, teenagers, adults or senior citizens: no matter which target group you are addressing - we will help you to find suitable test subjects. The evaluation of the test subjects and the many years of experience of our clothing engineers are incorporated into the fit results.

As a special service, we offer you our "tele-fitting". Via our web-based customer portal, your designers, buyers and pattern technicians can take part in the fittings live and receive direct advice and suggestions for improvement from our experts.

This can also be done as a fit in motion test in the 4D scanner.

Our services at a glance

  • Fit testing for women's, men's and children's clothing
  • Check of workmanship
  • Inspection of the samples based on the supplied finished size chart
  • Optimisation of finished size charts

Special products require a specific inspection

  • Sports bras:
    First and foremost, a sports bra must fit well, only then can it provide support and minimise breast movement. We analyse for you whether and how strong the support is. We will find out.
  • Shapewear:
    Does it shape or just pretend to? Our analysis of the shaping properties of shapewear will give you certainty.
  • Workwear:
    The acceptance of workwear depends heavily on the fit. Especially in the case of PPE that protects against external influences. In addition, workwear must not restrict the wearer's movements. That is why we also assess the fit in motion for you. 
  • Technical performance descriptions

Objective determination of the support level of sports bras

Sports bras offer different levels of support depending on the desired area of use. The level of support advertised on the product was previously determined with the help of time-consuming subject tests.

With our specially developed MODY test device, manufacturers and brands now have the opportunity to have us determine the reduction in breast movement caused by sports bras on the basis of a standardised procedure in order to provide their customers with verifiable product promises.

The abbreviation MODY stands for "Movement" and "Dynamic" and makes it possible to measure the support of a sports bra. In addition to testing individual sports bras in one size, we also test several bras in a size range. We also compare your bras with other products on the market (benchmarking).

For the test, we use a specially developed torso from our in-house 3D print shop. The breast is mouldable. We are able to test different cups and sizes. During the test, the breast can be moved in all directions (up/down, right/left, forwards/backwards) and the support can be analysed.

Testing the support of sports bras provides objective and reproducible results, without human influence. On request, we can supplement the test results with benchmarking data obtained from tests of other products available on the market. As a manufacturer or brand, you benefit from these advantages:

  • Specific data for the optimisation of your product development
  • Targeted support for quality assurance
  • Independent confirmation of your marketing claims and your product promise to your customers
  • Credible promotion of your products at the point of sale

Hohenstein has decades of comprehensive expertise in fit and pattern development. This ranges from determining current body data as part of numerous serial measurements to the traditional optimisation of patterns and fit testing using an extensive pool of test subjects. At the same time, we support companies in digital product development with the help of 3D simulation software.

Based on this expertise, the testing of the support level of sports bras is combined with a fit test. By optimising patterns, breast movement can be reduced. In addition, the area of application and target group are decisive for good bra support.

Here, Hohenstein offers the clothing industry services from a single source that are unique on the market.

Yes, the focus and strength of the laboratory test with our MODY test device is on sports bras, as the method is primarily designed to determine the reduction in movement. However, the test device is open to all products and testing of other clothing products is possible.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Neutral fit testing by experts
  • Fit testing with test persons from your target group, also in large sizes
  • Support in the creation of garments in large size ranges
  • Support in developing the size conformity and harmony of your brand
  • Reduction of the complaint rate and costs
  • Increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • Optimised finished size tables by Hohenstein enable a more precise calculation basis when placing orders and cost savings
  • Quality development and assurance across the entire production chain

Hohenstein Quality Label "Verified Fit"

With our label, your customers can quickly and easily see for themselves that your product has a uniform fit - consistent across your collections.