Neutral evaluation of the leasing suitability of textiles and clothing.

Whether workwear, personal protective equipment (PPE), business wear (Corporate Fashion) or flat linen (table linen, bedding), textile and clothing rental has become increasingly important in numerous industries over recent years. This is above all due to the fact that, as a user of rental linen, no capital investment is necessary nor storage facilities.

As a service provider, you must make a payment in advance but with a complete service, you have the chance to tie your customers to your company for the long term. The prerequisite for this is quality from start to finish, and high-quality textiles that do not wear, even after several care cycles. Show your customers that they can expect exactly that from you - with our Hohenstein Quality Label and neutral tests of the leasing suitability of your textiles and clothing.

The Hohenstein Quality Standard 701ff.

Leasing textiles must meet high standards with regard to mechanical characteristics, colour fastness, specific fit, wear comfort and the reprocessing capability under industrial conditions. Our Hohenstein Quality Standard 701ff defines all relevant aspects of leasing suitability of textiles for different application areas, for example, hospitals, nursing homes, food processing businesses, hotels and industry. We also offer targeted training courses on the Hohenstein Quality Standard.

The “Leasing Suitability” quality label.

If your product meets the minimum requirements for rental textiles as defined in the Hohenstein Quality Standard, you can claim this with our “Suitability for Rental” quality label. In this way, you confirm to your customers that an investment in your rental textiles is worthwhile in the long term.

To be awarded the label, your textiles must pass different laboratory tests, including actual washing treatments subject to the same conditions as in an industrial laundry. You can select whether we test your clothing for resistance with all components or only individual components. Clothing can then be made up and certified from the tested individual components offer targeted training courses on the Hohenstein Quality Standard.