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Below you can find press releases on research projects and services offered by the Hohenstein Institute. Through the support of a wide range of other institutions throughout the textile manufacturing chain, we can support you in your research work and beyond and provide you with the details of experts for interview and specialist authors.

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International Standards with German Expertise
Hohenstein opens a Textile Testing Laboratory in Bangladesh

Hohenstein is expanding its worldwide services with a new laboratory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On 28 July 2018, the laboratory will be officially opened by Professor Stefan Mecheels, who is the third generation to lead the family-run company. 

Topic area: General | 789-EN

80 years and still going strong!
An important anniversary for the Quality Certification Mark for Professional Textile Services

People who are 80 years old are often said to have reached old age. This is far from the case for the Quality Certification Mark for Professional Textile Services: it can look back over 80 successful years and has not lost any of its edge during ... 

Topic area: Textile care and -service | 787-EN

Towards new horizons: “Spacetex2” researches functional textiles under zero gravity

When the German ESA astronaut Dr Alexander Gerst sets off on 6 June 2018 for his “Horizons” mission at the International Space Station ISS, numerous experiments will be waiting for him. The Spacetex2 project includes clothing physiology experiments ... 

Topic area: Wearing and sleep comfort | 785-EN

Chemicals Management - Handling with Confidence from A-Z

Heightened consumer awareness, industry initiatives such as ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) or the Greenpeace Detox campaign: they all pose new challenges for brands, retailers and manufacturers. The OEKO-TEX® Association together with ... 

Topic area: OEKO-TEX® | 784-EN

Skin cancer - the underestimated danger

One in three cancer diagnoses is for skin cancer. This illness is, however, not just the world's most common form of cancer. Skin cancer is a form of cancer that has become increasingly common in recent years. Within the last 10 years, the number of ... 

Topic area: UV-protection | 783-EN