The idea is there. But the scientific develop­ment com­pe­tence is lacking.

A well-known manufacturer of bedding recognised that there is a market for the target group of persons suffering from allergies, but there is no suitable solution. There is also a lack of development resources necessary to turn this idea into reality.

The best breeding ground for so­lu­tions: decades of ex­per­tise.

As a member of the scientific advisory board for Hohenstein, the bedding manufacturer was familiar with the practical research expertise offered by the scientists from Bönnigheim. A close cooperative relationship developed enabling Hohenstein to apply its broad knowledge as a solution provider. The idea takes shape: allergens are positively charged. Thus, the bedding must be negatively charged so that the allergens can remain bonded to it until the next wash.

Putting our heads together to save sleep.

As a result of the cooperation with Hohenstein and a textile auxiliaries supplier, the manufacturer was able to develop thoroughly tested market-ready bedding which lets persons suffering from allergies sleep peacefully and comfortably. Allergens are only fully released and rinsed out of the bedding when it is washed. Cover, pillows and underblanket are fresh and allergen-free again – permanently!

Market maturity achieved. Now it is time to take the lead.

A fully developed product is, however, still far from a guarantee for long-term success. Other steps have thus been taken to gain an edge over the competition. These include, for example, regular inspections by the Hohenstein experts at the local production facilities so that consistently faultless quality is guaranteed, or testing the bedding for harmful substances. This creates additional trust in the brand – and lets the consumers sleep easy, as in the “bosom of Abraham”.

Hohenstein expertise
We think of ourselves as solution providers who make available our expertise at each point in the value creation chain. In this case, our customers benefitted from the services listed here. But it does not stop here: if required, we can perform on-going production checks or test other criteria to guarantee the quality promise to your customers in the long term.