How does a good product become a really good product?

A jacket manufacturer wants to launch a fire-resistant jacket onto the market. It is common knowledge that the statutory requirements for specialist clothing are very high, particularly in Germany. However, to stand out from the competition, many more factors must be taken into account. What is relevant; who knows what the market needs?

Keep a cool head – with expertise and passion.

Hohenstein is a constant and well-known entity in the field of Personal Protective Equipment. We are a recognised certification body for universal fire-resistant clothing for the German Federal States (HuPF). Hohenstein is also an accredited test laboratory and notified body for Personal Protective Equipment as per (EU) regulation 2016/425. In addition to carrying out the necessary tests for product certification, we also offer various services, for example, design suggestions and a properly fitting cut with consideration of the functionality.

Everything for a success­ful bap­tism of fire.

A fire-resistant jacket is a must for every fire fighter. We offer our customers many relevant “must-haves”, right from the outset – e.g. with the creation of technical performance descriptions which clearly define which quality and contractual bases must be complied with. Then comes the functionality: a fire-resistant jacket must be fire-resistant and also resistant to dirt, oil and water. The protective function of the jacket must also be guaranteed after being used and cleaned. An optimum pattern and perfect fit also enable full freedom of movement, regardless of whether the wearer is stooping or extending his/her arms: it always covers the entire back.

Fire and flame for the best result.

A product that meets the statutory requirements is ready for the market, however, to survive amongst the competition – or even become the market leader – other success factors are required. Here, for example, wear comfort plays just as important a role as the independent verification that the product has been tested for harmful substances. This complete package is complemented by our Hohenstein Quality Label. This enables our customer to credibly communicate the quality of the product to the outside world.

Hohenstein expertise
We think of ourselves as solution providers who make available our expertise at each stage in the value creation chain. In this case, our customers benefitted from the services listed here. But it does not stop here: if required, we can perform on-going production checks or test other criteria to guarantee the quality promise to your customers in the long term.