Docu­men­ta­tion must be as stan­dard­ised as the uniforms.

Manufacturers of corporate fashion, workwear or personal protective equipment (PPE) often face various problems such as complaints or fluctuating product quality due to changing suppliers. The reasons are varied, however the end result is the same: the quality requirements for each stage in the value-creation chain have been documented insufficiently or not at all. There is thus no quality basis for contracts or public tenders.

Shared textile expertise - we give you this in writ­ing.

Hohenstein has many years of experience across the entire range of textile services. From the idea to the finished product, we are at our customers’ side. So we also know how and which quality-relevant parameters are defined in Technical Performance Descriptions - whatever the item of clothing.

The building blocks for your success.

For a Technical Performance Description, we document the status quo using prototypes or series products. To do this, we take into account various modules. In the “Material” module, we define exactly which materials are used and define requirements and limit values for the respective application area. The “Accessories” module lists whether and which closures, labels or inserts are planned. The “Suitability for Use” module covers general requirements such as tests for harmful substances or maintainability as well as specific aspects such as UV protection. The “Processing” module describes the manufacturing steps using detailed technical drawings and photographs. In the “Finished Measurements” module, we create product-optimised finished measurement tables to ensure size accuracy and fit across all clothing sizes.

Hohenstein expertise
We think of ourselves as solution providers who provide our expertise at each stage in the value creation chain. In this case, our customers benefitted from the service listed here. But it does not stop here: if required, we can carry out on-going production checks and test further criteria to ensure consistently high quality. With our Hohenstein Quality Label “Tested Workwear/Tested Corporate Fashion”, we can prove that your product meets strict quality requirements. The extensive testing of harmful substances, authenticity, physical characteristics and dimensional stability serves not only for differentiation from the competition but also as an internal quality standard along the entire supply chain. Depending on the customer and market needs, our quality label can be expanded to include additional criteria such as fit, breathability, rental suitability or UV protection.