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The Europe-centred innovation platform for the fiber industry and the downstream manufacturing stages is to serve as a generator of ideas and the basis for networking. This is borne out by the growing number of both participants and the countries they represent.

Fiber Innovations, Circular Economy and Sustainability, Digitalization and Smart Textiles, Surface Modification and Additives, 
Sports and Leisure Wear, Nonwovens and Technical Textiles 

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12.09.2019, 17.35 Uhr, Saal A

Application potentials of (electro-)thermally controlled muscles

Speaker: Serge Lang
Co-Authors: Mihaela Szegedi, Anja Gerhardts

13.09.2019, 10.15 Uhr, Saal C

How does body shape and tissue effect the pressure of shaping garments?

Speaker: Anke Klepser
Co-Authors: Simone Morlock

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