Detergents and care products

Thanks to its comparative tests, the Hohenstein Institute has made a significant contribution to the high quality of detergents, pretreatment agents and care products for decades.

In our modern domestic washing laboratory, our specialists compare the performance of products in terms of one or several primary or secondary washing effects or other quality criteria:

  • Stain removal
  • Soil removal
  • Cleaning effect and/or soil-carrying capacity
  • Loss of tensile strength and/or chemical damage to the product
  • Inorganic and/or organic fabric incrustation
  • Shade retention and/or retention of surface condition
  • Prevention of colour run the in Linitest device or washing machine
  • Deposits on heating elements
  • Readability and comprehensibility of the packaging information

The tests are particularly suitable for:

  • Heavy duty, colour or non-biological detergents (in powder, tablet or liquid form)
  • Softeners (in powder, tablet or liquid form)
  • Booster products (e.g. bleaching salts, pretreatment products)
  • Colour or dirt catcher sheets

The tests generally take the form of a comparative wash test with articles tested compared to at least one reference product. An important aspect of this is that the experimental conditions are as realistic as possible and current norms and standards are applied.

The department of Consumer Tests offers a wide range of services for trade, industry and consumer organisations which include the following fields of activity:

  • Testing detergents and textile care products
  • Evaluation of domestic washing and drying processes - interaction of device/process/textile
  • Efficiency tests on hand detergents
  • Carrying out practical comparative product tests and performance tests
  • Testing and assessing textile commodities (e.g. day packs/school satchels, camping mats, umbrellas and raincoats)
  • Testing compressive medical products (e.g. compression hosiery) to current standards
  • Construction of devices for the quality assurance of compressive medical products
  • Testing equipment (e.g. driers and washing machines) according to current standards

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