Whether you are interested in research projects or service offerings, here you will find press releases published by us regarding Hohenstein. Due to the support of various other institutions along the textile chain, we are also able to support you in your research work above and beyond this. Just contact us, we will also be happy to provide you with experienced interview partners and specialist authors dealing with your subject.

The certificate for the Baden-Württemberg support programme ECOfit was presented to Hohenstein and four other certified companies on 15/06/2019 at the Ludwigsburg District Administration Offices.
The 2019 published DIN SPEC 60015 “Quantitative measurement of the evaporative heat loss of smart textile materials for work, sports / outdoor and leisure” defines the measuring procedure and requirements for textiles and clothing that claim to have a cooling effect. This already offers a market…
Detergent tests in the course of time
Textile Care / Leasing
When it comes to the quality of detergent and cleaning products, one aspect is of paramount importance: do the substances ensure perfect cleanliness? Hohenstein has reliably carried out detergent tests for more than 50 years now, thus making a significant contribution to ensuring that the quality of…
OEKO-TEX® Test Criteria 2019
Consumer protection and sustainability along the textile value chain have always been fundamental issues for the OEKO-TEX® Association. For this reason, the existing guidelines of the OEKO-TEX® product portfolio are updated at the beginning of each year, so that the latest scientific findings and…
Following its recent recognition by the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program as a partnering wastewater testing laboratory, internationally accredited testing laboratory, service provider and research partner of the textile industry, Hohenstein is thrilled to further support the…
With the Sustainable Textile and Leather Production Certification (in short, STeP), which will be launched from 01 April 2019, OEKO-TEX® is taking a giant step towards environmental protection and sustainability, also in leather processing.
Hohenstein Academy 2019
Since March Hohenstein is paving the way to modern learning worlds with the e-Academy. Digital and independent of time and location, the Academy thus offers access to valuable content from all areas and competences of the company to anyone who is interested.
Act responsibly with conviction
The OEKO-TEX® Association, together with Hohenstein as one of the founding members, has developed a comprehensive product portfolio to provide everyone involved in the textile value creation chain with the best possible security and extensive transparency.
In order to run internal cooperation, and consequently also the service for the customer, smoothly, the Marketing, Business Development and Sales departments at Hohenstein are being brought together as one unit under the leadership of Martin Cieslik.
OEKO-TEX® new regulations 2019
In 2019 the goal of the OEKO-TEX® Association is again to reinforce consumer protection and sustainability along the value creation chain for textiles and leather; the existing guidelines for the OEKO-TEX® product portfolio have thus been amended again for the start of the year. The new regulations…